Carta de Fernão de Magalhães para as futuras gerações

Greetings future generations,                                           February 4, 1520

I have no idea if you say these in the future, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m writing this letter for an extremely important reason. I don’t know how you’re treating our planet. I don’t even know if the human race still existing. I hope so, but with all these changes and all the evolution I expect from us, I don’t know if Earth is able to survive.

Before everything I want you to know how beautiful our planet is. The  oceans, the forests, the beaches, the animals… Everything it’s just amazing. For many years I’ve worked to discover new lands, new food, new people and many other things. Wright now, I’m in the middle of nothing, around me there’s only ocean, lots and lots of clean water. I decided to call it Pacific Ocean. Oh, you will not believe in what I saw in the other day. Some really strange birds, black and white, but they couldn’t fly. Unbelievable! Now I get it. I’m finally fulfil my craziest and biggest desire, to at least find out the real form of Earth. And I finally understand the importance to care for it, for our planet. Saying the same thing again, I don’t know how you’re treating it, but I think it’s not in the wright way.

The human being is capable of many things. Believe me, I know that. We arrived to India, we discover the compass, the monocle and I know that in there, yes, whenever you are, we’ve conquered so much more. The man doesn’t know how to keep the beautiful things that life gives to them. They think everything they ruin they can have back. NO! Not everything works like that and Earth is one of them. Forgive me, I know I’m being rude, I know I’m accusing you without proves, but I know us enough. So many people died to give you a life and freedom and this is your way to say thanks to them, destroying everything they fought for. I’ll stop to accusing you, but promise, not to me because I must be dead, but to yourself, that you’ll think about what you read here.

I have to go now.


Ferdinand Magellan

(Autoria – Sofia Barbosa, 7º A)

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